Anna Exports, can accompany you or your representative to auctions in Japan, so you may select the cars of your choice and instruct us to bid by computer on your behalf. Upon our successful bid, if the vehicle(s) are confirmed and you will therefore be liable to pay Anna Exports, balance full value of the vehicle(s) together with our handling fee.

The order cannot be cancelled after acceptance by the company. In case of cancellation, the company may seek the suitable amount to cover the loss. All prices quoted are based on order and specification by the customer. The prices may change if the customer changes the specifications . For More details regarding Auction Procedures Click here

We have vehicles available from our own stock. If you wish to purchase directly from us, we will provide/quote on price and condition. If you confirmed the vehicle from our own stock and if payment is not received within 5 days of the purchase agreement date, it may be considered as cancellation, and the vehicle(s) may be sold to another party. Please browse our Online Stocklist
for more details

We will send the vehicle(s) as soon as we have received confirmation of your payment by bank draft, or TT, and will inform you of the shipping details by e-mail and / or fax at that time.

The company reserves its rights to the goods, until all dues from the customers have been paid. Although every effort is made to ensure that the goods have been supplied strictly to the specification, however, should there be any discrepancy the allowances will only be made at company's discretion. We also provide facility to move vehicles inland on customer request. For further information please visit shipment section of our website.

100 % irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit (L/C) in favor of, Anna Exports, drawn and negotiable at any Japanese or International Bank in Japan.
Note : L/C may not be acceptable in certain cases, due to international regulations, or due to our internal policy.
Note : Any bank charges/commission, occurred at time of remittance, should be paid by client.

All document for the vehicle will be posted to you following up with delivery of the vehicle. If, Anna Exports, make shipping arrangement at your request, all document including Bill of Lading will be sent by DHL or EMS after the ship departures.

We do not make any special insurance other than the ones provided by the shipping company.
If you need to insure your consignment with any special insurance policies, you need to inform us in advance.

Anna Exports recognizes the importance of protecting customers' privacy and personal information. We aspire to becoming the most trusted company by taking substantial measures on this issue.

At the time of registration, you will be required to give personal information such as, your name, address, telephone number, or email address, which are essential for obtaining Anna's service. This information will only be deleted or altered upon your request.
Your personal information will not be used except when we need it for arranging a requested service. For example, when we need to deliver your purchased items, we must share your name and address with transport and shipping companies. Those third parties are authorized and entrusted companies. Also Anna's tries to raise their awareness about the importance of protecting personal information by making an agreement on confidentiality of information when it's possible. However please be reminded that Anna's may have to disclose information when it is needed for responding to the legal obligations.

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