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FOB Price
The payment of JPY
The payment of USD

Please inform us of your highest bid together with a LOT NUMBER, CAR NAME, YEAR Also If the bid would be successful at a lower price, the lower price should be applied.


3. Our charges:(include Auction fee, Clearance fee, Land transportation fee and commission) 

Auction bidding price

Our charge

10,000 ~ 300,000 yen

80,000 yen

300,001 ~ 500,000 yen

90,000 yen

500,001 ~ 700,000 yen

100,000 yen

700,001 ~ 900,000 yen

110,000 yen

900,001 ~ 1,100,000 yen

120,000 yen

1,100,001 ~ 1,300,000 yen

130,000 yen

1,300,001 ~ 1,500,000 yen

140,000 yen

1,500,001 ~ 1,700,000 yen

150,000 yen

1,700,001 ~ 1,900,000 yen

160,000 yen

1,900,001 ~ 2,100,000 yen

170,000 yen

2,100,001 ~ 2,300,000 yen

180,000 yen

2,300,001 ~ 2,500,000 yen

190,000 yen

2,500,001 ~ 2,700,000 yen

200,000 yen

2,700,001 ~ 2,900,000 yen

210,000 yen

2,900,001 ~ 3,100,000 yen

220,000 yen

3,100,001 ~ 3,300,000 yen

230,000 yen

3,300,001 ~ 3,500,000 yen

240,000 yen

3,500,001 ~ 3,700,000 yen

250,000 yen

3,700,001 ~ 3,900,000 yen

260,000 yen

3,900,001 ~ 4,100,000 yen

270,000 yen

1. If auction place is far from the port, we need additional transportation fee.
2. If you want to do C&F or CIF, we will add shipping charge and insurance on the payment.
3. If your country needs inspection, we will add the inspection fee on your payment.


We will bid for the car up to your highest bid on your behalf. Good luck!

AUCTION GRADING : This is a car grading system assigned by auction centre as described below.
Auction Grade
Brand new or rarely used.
9 - 5
Excelent to very good condition with low mileage .
4.5 - 3
Reasonable condition, normal mileage relative to vehicel age, may have minor damages.
Beter than rough condition, modified cars,
sometimes cannot pass regular test( depending on country of import ).
Rough condition.
Vehicle have been involved in accident, we will inform and state condition to customers .
Accident-Repaired, but not a good repair.
Accident-Repaired, but in good condition now.
Accident-Repaired, but in very good condition now.
Light Damaged-Repaired.
XXX , O , ***,***
Damaged vehicles. It depends on the damage level to identify.

AUCTION GRADING (Vehicle Interior)
Auction Grade
Excellent Showroom condition, Very Clean Interior.
Very good condition, Clean Interior .
Normal condition.
Dirty, Requires Cleaning.

Vehicle Assessment Service JPY10, 000
Our experienced vehicle assessor will check your purchased vehicle. The report will be uploaded on your personal page with extra pictures.
Photo Service JPY5, 000
Our staff will take extra photos of your purchased vehicle.
   *Please request the service when you submit your bid.
*Above charges are not refundable.
*The assessment will be conducted under No-Claim Condition

Your payment has to be made within 72 hours after the issue of your invoice by Telegraphic Transfer. Please fax us the receipt of the remittance for confirmation. Delay of your payment without notice may lead to cancellation of your sales contract, in which case we will notify you by email.

In case of your cancellation of purchased goods through auction agent, below amount will be collected as penalty.
Car Purchased Price
Less than JPY1, 000,000 JPY80, 000
JPY1, 000,000 - JPY1, 500,000 JPY100, 000
JPY1, 500,000 - JPY2, 000,000 JPY200, 000
JPY2, 000,000 - JPY2, 500,000 JPY300, 000
JPY2, 500,000 - JPY3, 000,000 JPY400, 000
More than JPY3, 000,000 20% of purchased car price

Please make sure you inform us of the correct lot number and bid price. Anna bears no responsibility for incorrect information supplied by you.

1. Anna is an intermediary agent between you and auction houses. Anna bears responsibility for problems only when it is obvious that they were caused under Anna,s negligence. All the vehicles are AS IS WHERE IS BASIS. Which means We pass the information of vehicle condition to you as provided to us by Auction houses and we Ship vehicles to you as it is to you, unless instructed by you to modify of change some part.
2. Below described problems will be exempted from any claims.
*Claims for vehicles purchased at lower than 200,000yen final bid.
*Mechanical problem for the vehicle driven more than 100,000 km.
*Mechanical problem for the vehicle over 10 years of use since its date of manufacture.
*Mechanical problem for damaged and repaired vehicles.
*Problems claimed after 8 days from the arrival of your purchased vehicle to designated place of destination.
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